Speaking Presentations

  • Sex Trafficking 101 & Case Study Comparison
  • State of Arizona v. Anthony Gehon a Case Study
  • Foster Parent Human Trafficking Training & Case Study
  • Casino and Tribal Community HT Training
  • Sex Trafficking For the Medical Professional & Case Study
  • Sex Trafficking For the Educator & School Safety Personnel, Case Study included

Heidi Chance is a highly sought-after powerhouse speaker, consultant and a nationally recognized trainer. Heidi uniquely presents real case studies to further enhance her presentations allowing her audience to see the realities of the sex trafficking problem and some of the challenges for law enforcement, child welfare and other partners. One of Heidi’s goal is to reach the average person and give them a better understanding of the sex trafficking problem. She hopes that if they are called to be a juror in the future, that her trainings will impact the outcome of their understanding of what victims of sex trafficking experience. Heidi Chance also provides information to her audience so that they can recognize some potential indicators of trafficking and she provides her unique experience with these indicators as an undercover human trafficking detective. Heidi Chance conducts both live in-person trainings as well as online trainings. Check out her testimonials!

Heidi is passionate about the power of awareness and making a chance for change for sex trafficking victims and how professionals understand the growing sex trafficking problem in our communities.

Speaking/Law Enforcement

  • Interrogating Trafficking Suspects
  • Interviewing Child Sex Trafficking Victims
  • Making the Victims Voice Heard, Submitting a Trafficking Case for Successful Prosecution
  • Money Laundering/Illegal Enterprise & Child Sex Trafficking Investigations
  • Undercover Street/Hotel Reversal Operations
  • Undercover Massage Parlor Operations
  • State of Arizona v. Anthony Gehon, a Case Study of Trafficker Sentenced to 490+ Years in Prison
  • Casino and Tribal Community HT Training
  • Targeting Buyers (Juvenile Reversal)
  • Targeting Traffickers, “Catfishing Pimps”
  • Patrol Response to Sex Trafficking
  • Child Sex Trafficking Predator Ops