Welcome To Chance Consulting

Mission statement:

The mission of Chance Consulting is to share the POWER OF AWARENESS about sex trafficking to others and to make an impact that will bring a CHANCE for change for sex trafficking victims.  Chance consulting offers trainings and consults professionals arming them with the tools to assist in the fight against the sex trafficking problem occurring in our communities.

Vision Statement:

Chance consulting partners recognize the POWER OF AWARENESS in action each time they conduct training seminars. It has also been seen over time, as prosecutions and sentencing of traffickers has gotten stronger.

It is the vision of Chance consulting to continue the efforts of sharing about sex trafficking through unique trainings and impacting the outcomes of sex trafficking cases as the community grows in its understanding of this increasing problem.


Speaking & Teaching

Heidi Chance is a subject matter expert in Domestic Sex Trafficking. She often travels across the United States teaching other law enforcement agencies, department of child safety, prosecutorial professionals, non-governmental organizations, and other community partners about sex trafficking awareness. Heidi also conducts undercover training for law enforcement agencies and had consulted law enforcement partners on conducting operations. She was featured in the Frontline PBS documentary “Sex Trafficking in America”.

AZPOST instructor

Developed Sex Trafficking courses for sworn officers and taught undercover classes.

Chance Consulting is a voice for Sex Trafficking through unique:

  • Speaking
  • Training
  • In-Person Presentations
  • Online Presentations
  • Testifying
  • Identifying
  • Live Webinar Trainings