The programming committee for Arizona Healthcare Executives assembled an educational panel featuring three experts on sex trafficking, which Heidi participated. Heidi was an amazing speaker and presenter. Her ability to convey first hand knowledge of working with victims and perpetrators shed awareness of the topic in a way that drew the attendees in. She was forthright in her presentation ensuring attendees would gain impressions that would not easily leave them. It is clear that she is passionate about what she does and truly helping others. I would recommend Heidi as a speaker on this topic without reservation. I would love to have her back and give a solo presentation of much longer length than the 90 minutes we had allotted. Heidi was outstanding. Thank you for all you do, Heidi.

Sheila Schmidt-Turkington, LEED AP

AMBER Alert in Indian Country/NCJTCAMBER January 14, 2022. Tyesha worked with Heidi but they were at different companies.

“Heidi is a remarkable instructor in the field of Human Trafficking. Heidi’s extensive experience in Investigations of Sex Trafficking crimes provides her with the expertise to provide exceptional instruction, to captivate the audience.”

Tyesha WoodAMBER Alert in Indian Country/NCJTC

Attended Heidi’s trafficking talk at the JUST Conference, and it was awesome. Lots of real world application and narrative. She didn’t skimp on the realities and frustrations of the case studies — I can’t stand the talks where the speaker glosses over the crappy parts of casework. I felt encouraged meeting another sister in the trenches of this very hard work we do. Thank you, Heidi, for what you do!

Alani Bankhead, CPC, ELI-MPHelping People Crush Imposter Syndrome | Justice-seeker | Fun-sized badass | I love people